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Brass operates exclusively in Italy at its company equipped with machines for every type of machining, finish and application on fabrics.

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Brass was established in 1986 on the initiative of Marisa Mutti in an important period and area where the hosiery industry has its origin.

It has always dealt with the raw finishing in process, dye-ready and dyed of various female hosiery items. The seriousness, will and competence acquired in time makes it possible to offer customers a wide range of machining and finishing to satisfy the requirements of fashion trend, searching for style and originality.

We operate exclusively in Italy at our company equipped with machines for every type of finish and application on tights and fabrics, like: applications 2 bunheads flounces, 4 bunheads, overlock, 4 bunheads set, applications flocks, rosettes, glitter, ribbons, labels, flock, knee socks, leggings, footless ribbon tights, stirrup, stocking-soles, foot-socks, ice skating, corset, hold-ups, cutting and sawing of laces and various fabrics, backtacking of every kind.

Brass also proposes dance and ice skating tights.

The company offers quality, professionalism, collaboration, availability and assistance services to satisfy its customers requests, also "private label".

Our high-quality products are conform with the ecological regulations issued by the Competent international bodies, pursuant to Oeco-Tex Standard 100.

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Dance and ice skating tights

We are able to supply various models of dance and ice skating tights.


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Finishes and applications tights